Introducing Basics of Digital Privacy

I’m pleased to announce that the Basics of Digital Privacy is almost done.  While this isn’t my first book into the information security space, this is my first book which is written not for the Information Technology worker, but instead for the general public.  This book is being written to explain what the risks are and how to solve those problems in plain English so that people who don’t spend their entire lives working with computers can begin taking control of their digital information with the eventual goal of keeping others from watching what they are doing online.

While the book hasn’t been published yet, the hope is to have it available for purchase by the holiday season.  You won’t find it on Amazon or any of the other book sales websites, yet. It will make it’s way there slowly as the project gets closer to completion.  There is however a teaser on the publishers website.

For now that is all I’ve got. Hopefully you get a chance to take a look at the book.


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